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Waikiki Water Session

Early mornings on a beach in Waikiki look like this- A golden sunrise with palm trees lining the beach. Mai and Miles are newly weds and their love radiated this beautiful Sunday morning. Rarely do I have couples that are down for sunrise water sessions; but these two were up for the challenge. I won't lie, the water was cold (I was braving it with them!) but these two were able to keep warm with body heat ;) This session was full of smiles, giggles and kisses. We laughed and galloped along the water and I even had them get waist deep for a water fight. This water session was so invigorating, and definitely worth the 5 am alarm.

I went home soaked but so excited and energized from this session. If you and your honey are up for a water session let me know (even if it's for sunset). I'd love to capture more of these sessions this year!

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