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Waikiki Beach Proposal

This proposal was a long time coming (and this blog is way overdue)! C+D came to the islands for what D thought was just a vacation but C had other plans. It's always a adrenaline rush with proposal sessions! Funny enough this proposal was back in March 2021 and just happened the be the same day Hawaii opened back up for travel. So our original plan to meet in a certain location was derailed by the hundreds of people on Waikiki Beach at the exact time of our session. So what did we do? C and I were texting to find one another and then had to improvise to set up the actual proposal. D was such a sweet heart and as you can see by these photos, was completely caught off guard (and excited!) by the proposal. After the initial proposal we wandered around Waikiki Beach to find little pockets in the crowds to capture photos to celebrate this occasion. C was so good about keeping calm and communicating with me that day. It was amazing to capture these photos for these two- Congratulations!

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