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Sunrise Water Sessions- Oahu, HI

This couple woke up at 4 am for our session on the east side of Oahu, The east side is always so gorgeous during sunrise, and I'd been itching to shoot at this location. As a photographer I'm always looking for places to create magic. I'd been to this location a couple of times but had never done a session here. Let me tell you, I will be back. This location allows you the benefit of having various backdrops all in one session. This is something I always look for when choosing locations for my sessions. These mountains and that gold grass was E V E R Y T H I N G ! !

This sunrise session was different in that it ended in the water! Most sessions that end in the water are during sunset as the water is warmer due to the amount of available sunlight. However, these two were ready to jump in early morning and I was here for it!! I love when couples are down for a water portion as it brings a fun element to the sessions. Who do you know that can get in the water and not immediately splash water around?! These two were no exception. As soon as they got into the water (and yes it was a little cold that early in the morning), they began playing around and splashing one another. It's hard not to enjoy yourself while in the ocean.

I took a slightly different approach to this water session as towards the end I simply allowed the couple to be. To exist with one another without me as a distraction. I find that taking a step back and allowing couples to enjoy one another's presence always produces images of the couple "in the moment." I'll definitely continue to end my sessions this way as at this point everyone is relaxed and stepping back enables me to capture photos that otherwise wouldn't have been produced. Holla at me if you want some water photos, sunrise or sunset, let's do it!

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