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Oahu Bridal Sessions

This blog is for all the brides!! Wedding planning can be stressful and time consuming. You owe it to yourself to carve out "me time" during this process. One way some brides take time for themselves during the planning process is a bridal session. When you hire a hair and makeup artist, you do a run through the ensure you have the look you want for your wedding day. I urge my brides to make good use of that dry run! You're all dolled up, why not do your bridal session prior to your wedding day?! If your day is full of fun festivities I'm sure you don't want to miss a thing during your own wedding. If the timeline for your wedding is packed with can't miss activities you can opt to do your bridal session prior to the wedding, allowing you to use that portion of the timeline for other things (or just to eat and enjoy your wedding!).

Of course this option isn't going to appeal to everyone as some don't want their partner to see them prior to the wedding day in their attire (and that's okay!). However, for those who are opting for a first look or want to have the bridals done prior to the wedding (which can be less stress for the couple trying to entertain their family); you can have all the wedding feels during your bridal session, even if it's prior to your wedding day.

Advantages of Bridal Sessions (not on wedding day):

  1. Great use of hair and makeup trial run.

  2. Offers couples the opportunity to use "bridal portrait" time in their wedding timeline for another activity they'd like to enjoy.

  3. Make use of another location important to the couple (that's not the wedding venue).

  4. Make use of another wedding outfit if opting for multiple looks for the wedding day.

  5. No stress of hurrying through the bridals to get back to wedding guests.

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