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Love on the Dock

It's amazing how life works. Every now and then I go out and look for new locations to shoot in to keep those creative juices flowing. This blog is way overdue by almost a full year (that's not the point keep reading!!) but this location is so unique and fun; and I had a blast capturing these two on this sunny afternoon.

Now onto my main point of this blog. I decided I wanted to go out and try and new location. This couple not only went along with my ideas but brought so much energy and love to their session that I didn't want it to end! After shooting at this location for the first time, I later booked a wedding at this exact location. Crazy right?! Just stepping out to try new things (a location in this instance) ended up being a blessing in the long run and I was able to return and shoot a gorgeous wedding on these docks. (Keep a lookout for that wedding blog!). Take this as a sign to try new things and never get complacent!

Now these two were so sweet with their interactions with one another, it was so cutest thing! They've been married for years, have children together, but that new love fire is still burning (as it should)!!

I'm always in awe of my couples and love hearing their stories of how they got together and their marital journey. Although I strive to learn about my couples before our session together, nothing beats hearing their stories and quirks throughout their session. Having them open up to me and be vulnerable is the best feeling in the world and I hope to only continue to facilitate an environment where my couples are comfortable and allow me into their world during our time together.




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