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Kualoa Engagement Session

Amber sent an inquiry and needed to have engagement photos done ASAP due to her husbands work schedule and surgery she had scheduled within a week. When I read her inquiry I could tell she really wanted to have gorgeous photos to use for their wedding invitations but time was not on her side to get these done. After looking at my calendar I decided I would be able to take care of this couple and capture amazing photos they could use for their invitations. Most of the time I book out about two months in advance, but every now and then I'm able to make it work and slide an additional couple on my calendar. Amber and Josh were that lucky couple and their session was really so much fun to capture! With the time restraints their whole booking process and session took place within 10 days. YES, they reached out, planned and paid for their session in full within 10 days. That's how I knew they were serious about having me as their photographer and I was excited to meet them on the morning of their session. Let me make a quick note before telling you how their session went. Amber and Josh, on the morning of their session- texted me to ask for my Starbucks order! Although I'd already had breakfast that morning it was simply the fact that they thought to ask me as they headed to our session if I wanted anything from Starbucks (yes they're really that sweet!). Okay, back to the session itself. When we got to Kualoa it was as if I'd known them for years, we jumped out the car, said our pleasantries and ran over to these gorgeous mountains to begin our session. Amber was worried that Josh wouldn't be so comfortable in front of the camera...BOY WAS SHE WRONG LOL! Josh showed out and was such a natural (I like to think my personality and prompting played a role in this) that Amber was in literally awe of how great the session was flowing. They laughed, kissed and danced in front of this mountain range and I captured every moment. For the next portion of their session we went to the beach nearby to capture another outfit. These two did not come to play. Amber had many outfit choices (All of them were amazing) and made sure Josh's outfit choices were complimentary. They were literally star clients! It was so much fun spending the morning getting to know Amber and Josh that we actually planned to meet up and double date after their session (YES we literally became friends during their session). Towards the end of our time together Amber and I started talking about how crazy it was that we made this session come together so quickly. She told me how she'd messaged a handful of photographers but was very hopeful that I'd respond to them. She said it was something about my personality that she could tell just from viewing my website that she thought we'd be a good match (Proof that it's important to be yourself and show up on your website)! I'm so glad I took them on as clients and made it work with their schedule. Our paths crossing was a blessing and I'm honored to have captured such important photos!

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