Ka'a'awa Mountainside Bridals

This session gave me a rush and not just because it was a great workout! It was so freeing to shoot in such a gorgeous location with 360 views of the island of Oahu. This popular hike on Oahu is an intense incline straight to the top, but once you're up there...the views are insane!!! These two did a bridal session on this mountain top. Thankfully it wasn't super windy and we took advantage of having this area to ourselves. Can you imagine yourself on this mountain top with the love of your life? If so, holla at your girl! I will be a sweaty mess but will ensure you look your best. Some tips for looking your best when doing a session that requires a hike:

  1. Dress comfortably- You want to finish the hike first and foremost safely. Ensure you have great footwear and water to stay hydrated.

  2. Consider your hair and makeup- You want to have a look that's easy enough to freshen up at the top of the mountain with a pocket mirror. Maybe a hairstyle that you can easily touch up or something that doesn't have much movement so you don't have to worry about your hair at all (hello messy bun and braided bun styles)!

  3. Pack light- Other than your change of clothes, makeup and water, you want to keep your load to a minimum. You don't want to carry alot of extra gear weighing you down when you hike.

Now I know hiking sessions are not for everyone. If you don't get a rush of adrenaline while hiking, or don't enjoy this as a leisure activity, you may want to consider another location for your session. You will get sweaty, tired and have to change in the middle of nature; but if this sounds like a good time to you, consider booking a hiking session. You know I'm down!

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