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Hawaiian Sunset Re-Proposal

While my best friend and her family were on island, her husband let me know he wanted to re-propose to her during their couple session we'd planned to do. As you probably figured out, I WAS ECSTATIC. I knew the perfect place to do their session. Somewhere that had gorgeous mountain ranges and beautiful water (which isn't hard to find in Hawaii). Anyone who knows A + K know they love to have fun (as you can see in these photos LOL). A had mentioned she really wanted couples photos of them together. Grown woman photos is what we called them. I was on a mission to get those photos!

Half way through the session, K had A read the vows he wrote (yeah it was super cute) and then got down on one knee to re-propose to the love of his life. Talk about a tear jerker. Anyone who knows A, knows she's such a selfless woman. She will make sure everyone else is okay, even if all is not well with her. I wanted to capture this moment for them to cherish. I wanted to capture my best friend being loved and appreciated like every wife should be. It was such truly a beautiful moment.

Unbeknownst to me, this was the only sunset A was able to witness while she was home on island. Thankfully, it was also the sunset I was able to capture gorgeous photos of them together, celebrating their love. The sunset and sky did not disappoint. These images were at the end of the night as the sun met the sea. There was so much beauty, not only in the sky but in these two. They're such a fun loving and goofy couple, it was a pleasure to capture them in another light <3

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