Fall Grad 2019

Seeing as many are graduating this weekend it was only fitting to post a graduation blog. Being a college grad myself, I understand the dedication and determination required to graduate from college. Long nights, early mornings, projects, and exams. All of which are required to complete coursework. Walking across that stage is a sign of freedom; All of that work coming to fruition! Graduation is a special time not only for the graduates but for their families! Hawaii is such a family oriented place that you will find extended family and friends all join to congratulate their graduates. The spirit of Aloha, love and pride for the graduating class consumes you when you attend a graduation. I'll never forget my graduation and all of my family and friends that made it a point to come celebrate my accomplishments with me. So if you know someone who's graduating this weekend, congratulate them. It means more to them than you'll know. Congratulations class of 2019!

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