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Eloped in the Woods

It was fate that allowed me to cross paths with this lovely couple. They'd planned to come to Hawaii and elope (as many are while navigating COVID), and needed a photographer to capture gorgeous photos of them while on island. When I spoke to S she informed me that she loved nature and really wanted to do their photos in the wilderness. However there was one caveat: She didn't want to "hike" to get there. Her fiancé was more into hiking while S just loved the environment hiking could provide: wooded lands, tall trees, and greenery for miles. Of course I was ecstatic to work with this couple as I'm always a fan of going off the beaten path and adventuring in new locations other than Oahu's gorgeous beaches. When you photograph at the beach all the time you appreciate a change of scenery every now and then to keep the creativity flowing. This couple brought that opportunity; but it gets better. S wanted to do an untraditional bridal session as she didn't want anything tradition for their special day. You know what I did? I hyped her up! Reassured her that her special day doesn't have to mirror anyone else or meet anyone else's expectations. Her day could be whatever she wanted it to be. So what did we do? We did a "nature walk" through the woods and I was able to capture these gorgeous images and explore with such a sweet couple. I know I say all my couples are sweet, but these two were top notch and I'm so thankful they trusted me to capture their special day.

Sooooo for anyone thinking they have to stay within the confines of what a "wedding day" should look like, take this as your sign to step out of the box and do whatever your heart desires for your special day. The most important people that day are the ones tying the knot.

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