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Cliff-side Bridals

Nick and Aleah booked me for a bridal session. These two have never been professionally photographed (as many of my clients tell me), so they were a little nervous about how the session would go. I always assure my clients that they will enjoy their session and I'll be guiding them the whole way through. With me there's no need to come with poses prepared, I have you covered! You will snuggle, laugh, and kiss all throughout the session and that's how a session should be. I love capturing couple's real interactions and silly moments. There's no need to try to be "picture-perfect-" being authentic with one another will photograph beautifully as you see with Nick and Aleah! LET ME TELL YOU, these two were absolute naturals! They didn't need much prompting or posing after warming up to the idea of being photographed so intimately.

These two lit up the cliff side! The love they have for one another was so evident and beautiful. Shooting along the cliff sides of a small cove in Hawaii was SO MUCH FUN! I've realized that the more I post a certain location, my clients gravitate towards those locations. I've shot at this location multiple times, but when I tell you these images blew me away, I was soooo excited to get home, download their images and start their gallery. Have you ever done something that left you so inspired? This was that session for me. It was the last session for 2019, and I felt like I couldn't have ended the year with a better session. Nick and Aleah were so lost in each other, it was my pleasure to be a "fly on the wall" and capture their love. I know I'll be back at this cliff side in 2020, it's too beautiful to pass up!

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